stucky by maxbbs

On one hand, I believe Steve and Bucky’s eventual reunion will be intensely emotional with a stirringly dramatic orchestral score playing in the background followed by months of angst-slash-sexual tension during which Bucky breaks down crying in the offices of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s therapists two times ninety minutes a week and Steve feels feelings heroically only interrupted by sassy text messages from Natasha and movie nights with Sam which are actually thinly-veiled excuses for Sam to remind Steve that he’s not gonna be the same Bucky you remember.

On the other hand, there’s Steve and Bucky going to Walmart for the first time and doing all the stupid things you’re not supposed to do in Walmart because Steve no, Bucky yes c’mon it’ll be fun, Steve this is totally revenge for Coney Island isn’t it, and the staff has to call Avengers Tower to make Tony come down because two supersoldiers are trashing the baked goods aisle and yelling about guaranteed low prices not being low at all.

And when Tony does, he finds Steve pushing Bucky around in a cart laughing see Buck I told you ain’t the future great? and Bucky’s yelling to the frazzled security guards that I swear I don’t know this idiot I don’t even know who the hell ‘Bucky’ is, then looking up at Steve and grumbling if I fall outta this thing, Steve, you better fucking catch me for once or I swear I’m gonna shoot you again and this time I ain’t gonna miss.

And Tony is all, wow, isn’t that a little too soon to joke about?

And Steve and Bucky reply in unison: It’s been 70 years, jeez, lighten up already.

And Tony could really, really use a drink right now.

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Bucky has a resting WTF face. Like

wtf steve you want me to ride a piece of string down a mountain

wtf did you just take a bunch of pows and make a squadron and declare yourself a full sixteen military ranks above me

wtf is my life why am i following this shiny-haired madman into certain doom this is where i have placed my affections oh man i fucked up so bad

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